Military News: US Marines to Accept Chubbier Women

Good News America…One of the Most Elite Branches of the Armed Services responsible for your National Defense and Security is being slowly DESTROYED from the Inside by Politically Correct numb-nuts in Washington D.C.

Now, not only can transgender and “Non-Binary” people join the ranks, but also fat women. That’s right, in the new “progressive obama military”, physical fitness standards are a thing of the past; Forget about being in “War Fighting” shape, in this new PC “Everybody is OK” universe, you can actually be a jelly doughnut eating sack of goo and still be considered a Marine!

I think Gunnery Sergeant Hartman would have something to say about this load of crap!

Disgusting Fatbodies…Thousands of them. That is what the Ranks of the USMC will soon be FILLED WITH.

Now don’t you FEEL BETTER About this Nation’s National Security?

I Know I don’t.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed, STAY IN SHAPE and Stay Dangerous!


4 thoughts on “Military News: US Marines to Accept Chubbier Women

    • That’s great to Hear Lisa…Now if we can only get our FRIGGIN Military to follow suit!!

      What happened to the days when the MILITARY set the pace and tone of what it meant to be a WARRIOR? Have we really come to the point to where the CIVILIAN world set’s the example? If we have, God Help Us.

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