Socialism Sucks: The Political Rehabilitation of Che’ Guevera


It might surprise some of you to hear that I can be completely unreasonable and even aggressive about certain issues; the rest of you already know me well enough to expect it. I left all my social skills someplace in Eastern Europe.

I’ve even been known to make an ass out of myself in public when faced with certain issues… but I do have a reasonable side – I just try never to show it unless I’m about to be arrested and I think it will help.

I made a rare foray out to civilization last week and I found myself standing in line at Wal-Mart;  in front of a man in his late 20’s, with his wife and what appeared to be 3 adolescent  boys.

He was wearing a Lenin lapel pin on his hat, the kind that every idiot western tourist bought at the Moscow Olympics in the 80’s, and a brand new Che’ tee-shirt. The kind you can get from Amazon for 19.99 any day of the week.

By the time I regained control, I had poked the little SOB in the chest and asked him what the F*** was wrong with him. I asked his wife if it made her proud to mother children to someone with less common sense than a syphilitic baboon, then I asked the boys how it felt to have a traitor POS  for a father.

Needless to say I caused a scene but I did realize I was out of line in offering to beat him to a puddle of pink puss in public, so I turned back to my purchases and kind of hoped he would  jump me from behind.

He and his family changed lines and I made my purchases and left, but I caught myself cruising the parking lot as I left – almost hoping to catch him and beat his ass in front of his kids.

I apologize if that offends any of you but it is the most honest window into what happens inside of me when I am faced with anyone who is idiot enough to accept Democratic Socialism, or promote it… I’ve been there, done that – I have the scars to prove it.    But I also came to a realization – the look in this clown’s face told me he really had no clue why some  guy old enough to be his grandfather was accosting him in public.

I think I hurt his feelings. It would still have made me feel good to mash his face but in reality he was a victim of his own upbringing and ignorance – he didn’t  mean it to be an insult – he just didn’t know any better.

 That guy in Wal-Mart had an excuse – President Obama  does NOT.


The President should have enough sense or have advisors who have enough sense to keep him from exhibiting the same level of stupidity as the man in Wal-Mart.


This isn’t like when Nixon dealt with Mao or when Bush puked in Japan, both of them kept distance from anything that would honor tyrants.  It appears we are experiencing the official rehabilitation of Che’ Guevara.

The worst ass beating I ever took as a kid was when I was about 14. I cut school and hitch-hiked to San Francisco to go to a Jefferson Starship concert.  When I came  home the next day,  I was wearing a Che’ Guevara tee-shirt, much like the one I saw in Wal-Mart.

I think the entire neighborhood came out to watch as my father educated me on Che’ Guevara . Today someone would have called the police and called it child abuse.  It was just good sense correction in my mind – I never got a beating I didn’t need and I’m relatively stable as an adult.

Che’ Guevara was arguably one of the most heinous individuals who ever walked the earth. He ranks right up there with Mengele, Trotsky and Ali Hassan al-Majid.

Born better off than most and steeped in left wing Socialist ideology, Ernesto “Che’ ” Guevara wasn’t much different than some we see today. The ones who have become so enamored with either the extreme right or the extreme left.

Armed with a pie-in-the-sky outlook on all things social and political, they follow blindly. All that matters is that pie-in-the-sky perception, regardless of what else is involved.

The biggest difference between Che’ in the beginning and the Sandersites and Teabaggers, Trumpites and Hillabites of today is they  just don’t know any better.

Che’, On the other hand, figured it out and decided he liked it. Che’ found himself between a hypothetical ideology (Jesus style Socialism) and the reality of Soviet style Democratic Socialism.

A man of his stature, educated and politically  ignorant, is always a prize for any tyrant. Che’ was recruited and welcomed by the Castro brothers. He participated in the Cuban revolution and is consistently reported to have been a true coward under fire.

His connection to Castro was his only leadership qualification, but Che’ saw himself as Castro’s successor.

After the Revolution, Che’ served as one of Castro’s closest advisors, Cuban Ambassador to the USSR, and eventually Castro put him in charge of the infamous La Cabaña prison.

At La Cabaña, Che’ not only gave the orders to torture, rape and kill enemies of the state; he took great pleasure in doing it himself.   Enemies of the state like, Christian pastors, Nuns, homosexuals, Jews, Russellites, Pentecostals and anyone else that opposed Democratic Socialism and refused collectivism.

LA Cabana

By 1964 Cuba’s economy was a shambles and became directly tied to the Soviet Union. It was time to spread the cancer.

Che’ went to Congo first, where he helped start a disastrous and failed revolution; then on to Bolivia to further spread Democratic Socialism by force.

By this time the CIA was hunting him in an effort to get our hands on him and turn him. Che’ was a man void of integrity and honor, he could have easily been turned and used for a while before we let him be executed.

The Bolivians in conjunction with the CIA caught Che’ in 1966 and in spite of U.S. protests and requests to give him to us, they put him down like the rabid dog he was.

I only tell you that story to point out that there is something seriously wrong when the President of the United States doesn’t have enough common sense or competent advisors to NOT allow him to be put in a position where he can be used as a propaganda tool.

Some things are simply not forgivable. It might be Diplomatic common sense to reopen relationships with Cuba and might even be ok to show respect to their office of president – even if it’s held by one of the Castro bros – But…

Che’ cannot be rehabilitated any more than Stalin or Mao can. The record of his deeds cannot be softened enough to make anything about him acceptable.

If you think my reaction to the Che’ tee-shirt was bad, you should see how Cuban Americans reacted to the image. For a Cuban American to see President Obama posing in front of a mural that honors Che’ Guevara must have been like a Jew seeing a President honoring Joseph Mengele.

I’ve been on advanced party for VIPs – I know for a fact that someone was assigned to reconnoiter every venue the President would be appearing in – what idiot let him take a stage in front of Che’s wall without a backdrop?

All he had to say was “No”; we don’t honor scum like Che’.


Would it have angered the Castro Regime? – damn strait it would have… but that would have been a good move.

They need us much more than we need them, showing weakness is never a good negotiation tool

Before you get a tee-shirt with a face you don’t really know or get a SPQR tattoo, at least educate yourself to who it is and what it means.


If you are either swearing loyalty to the city of Rome or your politics are so extreme right wing that you are a Fascist or hard core  NAZI, then an SPQR tattoo might be appropriate .

If you are so far left that you embrace Democratic Socialism ; then a Che’ Guevara or Lenin t-shirt will fit you just fine…but at least know what it means and embrace it.

Understand that even if you were told it means something else – When you sport an image of an enemy figure or a NAZI or Communist slogan, you are telling the world you are an enemy of the United States and that you embrace Tyranny.

The Sheeple routine is unbecoming of free men.

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    • Thanks for that Brittius, and with that explanation, I think the point is even clarified further: Sheeple (ie Useful Idiots) are wearing T-Shirts and getting Tattoos and not knowing what the hell it means or what it stands for..their only worry is that it is “cool”. Get your head out of your ass people! as the man said “The Sheeple Routine is unbecoming of FREE MEN”

  1. Bravo!!! Don’t ever apologize for defending this country against WHOEVER thinks it’s cool to do otherwise – president or Walmart shopper!!!

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