Reality Check Regarding Terrorism


By Hammerhead

If you have been paying attention and not getting distracted with all the nauseating political theater in Iowa and New Hampshire, then you heard about the recent attack in Ohio where a muslim jihadist decided to attack innocent people in a restaurant with a machete. This happened in Ohio folks, not the Middle East.

Considering what is going on in Israel right now with DAILY stabbing attacks on police and civilians, one can draw a conclusion the terrorist have decided to try to KILL as many “infidels” as possible, by whatever means possible; wherever possible. This includes stabbing, shooting, running people over with vehicles, Suicide Vest, IED’s, you name it. So knowing this as armed civilians, there are 3 Primary Things we need to concentrate on:


  • NOT becoming complacent in our Overall Security Posture

Avoid the tendency to “get relaxed” in your overall Security Posture and Situational Awareness. Regardless if there has been no incidents around your home or in the town where you work, frequently remind yourself of the threats to you and your family. Active Shooter, Random stabbings, etc. Now I always tell people it is a myth that people can be in so-called “Condition Yellow” all the time where people are so “hyper vigilant” they are dropping and rolling when a car backfires! As in all things, the secret to success is finding a happy medium. Being situationally aware of what is going on around you and having an action plan is not difficult folks, we just have to make up our mind to do it NOW.


  • Stay Armed and Prepared 24/7/365 

I know I sound like a broken record, but I have to continually reinforce this fact. You gun does you no good if it is not on your person. This is why it is imperative you find a comfortable holster and concealed/open carry rig. Humans are creatures of habit and COMFORT, so if something is not comfortable, we may tolerate it a few times, but in the long run we will ditch it at the house or our vehicle to be comfortable; just the way it is. Also to expound on the “PREPARED” part: Besides having a cell-phone on you 24/7 (which almost every human on earth does). What sense does it make to carry a weapon that makes big holes without carrying the ability to plug those holes, both on yourself and other people. Having a small Trauma Kit on you with a package of Quicklot, Tourniquet, Israeli Bandage, EMT Shears and some latex gloves is not difficult to carry or use for that matter. Contributing author Mr. E offers a very handy PTK Kit HERE.


  • Learn Traumatic Injury First Aid

Specifically how to treat a knife and gunshot wound and STOP major bleeding. No realistic Self-Defense Combat training is complete without this skill-set. If you have not taken a course like this, DO IT NOW before you take another Advanced Pistol or Rifle or How to be a Uber-Mall Ninja course! There is no better example than the Israeli’s in learning how to prepare for terrorism, so check out what the IDF is doing when it comes to traumatic injury first aid.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!!



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