Jihad Alert: The Laptop Bomber?

These damn goat humping, pederast, raping jihadist..I am getting sick and tired of them ruining everything associated with air travel. First because of the underwear bomber it was all these restrictions on liquids. And now because of this screw-up who can’t even detonate a bomb right it will be no laptops!? WTF!! Enough is Enough. I say in addition to NO MUSLIMS ALLOWED IN AMERICA WE ADD NO MUSLIMS ALLOWED TO FLY ANYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD TOO.-SF


Muslim bomber sucked out of plane may have hid explosives in laptop


If this is confirmed, that will be the end of laptops on airplanes, as the TSA continues to play catch-up with jihad terrorists, protecting us from the last jihad mass murder attempt while the jihadis are already preparing for the next one.

“Bomber sucked out of plane may have hid explosive in laptop,” by Yaron Steinbuch, New York Post, February 5, 2016:

The suicide bomber who was sucked to his death from an airliner over Somalia may have hidden a bomb inside a laptop computer, according to a report.

The explosive contained military-grade TNT, CNN reported, citing a source familiar with the investigation.

Meanwhile, Somali and international investigators have confirmed that the man ejected from the Daallo Airlines Airbus A321 was the suicide bomber, an official briefed on the probe told The Wall Street Journal.

Authorities have identified the man as Abdullahi Abdisalam Borle, 55, from the breakaway region of Somaliland in northern Somalia.

He used a wheelchair to circumvent security measures at the Mogadishu airport, the Journal reported.

A security officer at the airport said the wheelchair-bound man did not appear suspicious, just sick.

“He seemed like someone ill, and as officers we usually help elderly people with those wheelchairs when they come to get to flights,” Saida Bare said. “He was a quiet man and nothing seemed wrong there until the flight took off.”

The explosion blew a hole in the fuselage of the ­Djibouti-bound plane and forced the pilot to return to the Somali capital for an emergency landing. Two people were injured.

On Friday, an official told the Journal that TNT residue had been found on the man’s remains, which landed near the town of Balad, 20 miles from Mogadishu….

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    • Well the issue with islam goes WAY beyond arguing about your stance on the death penalty or how you feel about climate change… it is about our VERY SURVIVAL AS A CHRISTIAN CIVILIZATION. History verifies this. We can Pay Attention and Act Now or Pay the Undertaker Later, it is our choice as a Nation. I have made my mind up, Have You?

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