Black on White Racial Violence: The New Normal?

The CO must be ready to defend himself against any threat, no matter where or who it comes from, foreign or domestic, black, white, yellow or orange.

This new trend of “Black on White Racial Violence” is getting to be a national epidemic, and if I were a betting man, I would wager most of you out there have not even heard of half of all the REPORTED incidents nationwide. That is not really surprising, since the lib-tard media who most assuredly take their PR cues from Obamas lap dog Eric Holder, wants to keep these “random” incidents under wraps, I mean after all, how would it look for their hip, rock star President and poster boy of “cultural tolerance” to be seen not even addressing these problems? Could it be that by not addressing or acknowledging these heinous acts, the President who promised so much “Change” in America is indeed fulfilling that promise by giving these acts even more legitimacy and momentum by ignoring them?

You be the judge, but either way, the threat is real and the national crime statistics do not paint a hopeful picture for improvement, so Prudence demands preparation and action!

Training Short List:

  • Tailor your drills to engage multiple opponents at once
  • Learn to recognize “pre-mob” aggressive behavior
  • Never add fuel to a fire in a mob atmosphere. Keep your mouth shut and evacuate the area. Remember: Avoid, Deter and De-escalate bad situation’s whenever possible. 
  • Identify your routes of egress (escape routes) early on
  • Never allow yourself to be cornered
  • Remember, this is about survival, not boosting your ego, so if you can outrun the problem, Do It! Just ensure you can get away!

More to come on dealing with “flash mobs” and mob’s in general soon.

Stay Armed, Stay Alert and Stay Dangerous!

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