The Ultimate Construction Weapon??

De-Walt AR

Do not be surprised if this is not added to Feinstein’s list of “Assault Weapons” & “Weapons of War” next week……I mean just looking at this thing sends chills down my spine…it looks soooo dangerous!!!

I mean what does an average citizen need a tool like this for? You can’t just use a regular hammer and nails?? No, a tool like this should only be reserved for Professional construction workers and people who are properly trained; and that 100 round drum just has to go too, the typical construction worker only needs a 10 round clip to do his job..I mean giving him anything that make his job more efficient and the worker better equipped is outrageous!!!


This humorous parity was brought to you by your friends at HCS. 

What is sad folks is that the line of thinking I was making fun of in the above piece is a fair representation of the kind of thinking that is the cornerstone of the anti-gun movement in this country…

Continue to Stand up and Fight for your Rights and Stay Dangerous!!

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