Oikos University Shooting Spree

The plague is now at nightmare proportions…more to come on this one


4 thoughts on “Oikos University Shooting Spree

    • I agree…it is ammunition for the lib-tards to wage their ongoing effort to “NEUTER” America….
      The Active Shooter plague combined with the Treyvon Martin case is going to equal more government intrusion into our 2nd Ammendment rights as well as tighter restrictions on “neighberhood watch groups” and anything remotely related to Community or Civilian Security…

      The One Bad Apple ruins the whole bunch…the IDIOT with the gun speaks louder than the Educated Tax Payer who wants to protect his family. More govenrment intrusion into a person’s right to own a firearm is not the answer and has never been the answer to stop random violence such as active shooter’s and bad judgement debacles like the Zimmerman case.. More education of Self-Defense Laws and the promotion of individual firearm training to better prepare for street situations so citizens can STOP these tragedies before they escalate is a step in the right direction..

  1. In these school shootings everyone forgets the ones that had low casualties or no casualties, like the Appalachian Law School shooting.


    The perp. was stopped by an armed student (off duty officer), who retrieved his own weapon and stopped the bloodshed.

    My then sister in law happened to be a co worker of the foreign student and described that he was brutalizing his domestic partner weeks before the incident.

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