Need Another Reason to Close the Border?

Slew of MS-13 Members From El Salvador Charged With Murder of Teenagers in Virginia


No, I think the word “animals” is too good a word to describe these human pieces of garbage.

Enough with the Politically Correct, humanitarian warm and fuzzy bullshit.

Close the Border, Build the Wall and Save what is left of America why there is still time.

Please take a moment to Visit the OJJPAC Memorial and remember ALL the Victims murdered by Illegal Aliens.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Dose of Truth: More Proof Politics (Regardless of Party) and Gun Rights are Miles Apart

  Republican Party of Texas Fires Pro-Gun Activist


Great eye-opening article on the reality of politics and Constitutional gun rights in America.

Never depend on a GROUP of People to decide your God Given Rights, regardless of their political views.

This is why this country was initially founded as a REPUBLIC and not a DEMOCRACY, a Republic depends on the INDIVIDUAL, Democracy depends on the GROUP.

Groups of people always screw things up,

This is why Henry Kissinger famously said “The essence of Politics will always be Self-Interest.”

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


22 Injured in Mass Shooting in NJ Urban Shithole with Illegal Pistols and not a Peep from the Lamestream News?

22 Injured in Mass Shooting this Past Weekend – And It Didn’t Happen With An AR-15


These animals are killing each other every night in these urban decay shitholes with illegal weapons but not one of those stories make the news in terms of gun violence, why?

Maybe because the SHOOTERS were black (and not members of the NRA) and were using illegal pistols and not AR-15 rifles?

You know I would have a lot more respect for the fake news cartels if they would put a little asterisk disclaimer at the bottom of the screen that read:


*Selective news coverage based on how well it promotes our anti-gun agenda.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Weapons of Mass Manipulation

 Weapons of Mass Manipulation


This story absolutely sickened me to my core.

Some pinko liberal “Fact Checker” at the New Yorker doing what liberals do best: Talk out of their ass.

Calling a Disabled Veteran who sacrificed his body in combat for YOUR freedom a nazi?

Beyond disgraceful.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed, Support our Veterans and Stay Dangerous!


Hungary Criminalizes Aiding Illegal Immigrants

Although as a whole, Europe and the U.K. are lost due to rampant liberalism and lax immigration policy, it is refreshing to see countries like Hungary stand up to the EU multi-culturalism jackboot funded by daddy warbucks Soros.

Peace and Freedom

Asylum seekers crossing the border between Hungary and Serbia in 2015. Few migrants have tried to enter Hungary in the years since, but Prime Minister Viktor Orban continues to present migration as a threat to the fabric of society. Credit Sergey Ponomarev for The New York Times

The Hungarian Parliament approved a package of laws on Wednesday that criminalizes the act of helping undocumented migrants and creates a parallel court system that some fear will be used for politically sensitive cases, accelerating efforts by Prime Minister Viktor Orban to transform the country into what he calls an “illiberal democracy.”

The government named the legislation the “Stop Soros” bill, after the Hungarian-American financier and philanthropist George Soros, who has helped Hungarian rights organizations. It must be signed into law by President Janos Ader before it can take effect.

The laws are the first major measures to be passed since Mr. Orban…

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Tucker Carlson Truth: Ruling Elites Care More About Foreigners Than About You (Video)

I wanted to add this caveat: The fake news cartel has been blasting us with images and now sound clips of the “horrid” conditions of these “Migrant Prisons”…continuously telling us that “Separating children from their families is cruel”…well here is a news flash for you: When Criminals break the law in the U.S and go to PRISON., they too are separated from their families…that is the way that works…you break the law you pay the price, why should Illegal Aliens get different treatment? I have had Enough of it. I am thankful we have someone in charge that REFUSES to let this country become another Illegal Immigration Cautionary Tale like Europe and the U.K.


Great stuff from Tucker Carlson. He also points out that the ruling elites (he’ll never identify them by their … uh … tribe) don’t care about solutions, only open borders.

Eight minutes.

Below is a two minute excerpt that Fox News posted on Twitter.

Tucker deserves our praise for blasting away the veil of lies that have been spewed out all day today in a psy op designed to open the borders and ultimately amnesty every illegal alien.

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